Looking for Limousine Service in NYC?

Icon Luxury Travel is the company to turn to when you need luxurious transportation in or out of the city. All of our car service includes full-service chauffeuring, by a uniformed professional, so that all you need to concern yourself with is what happens after your arrival. With Icon, we aim to provide you all the conveniences you want, with the courtesy you deserve. We provide our car services both in and out of the city limits.
Icon Luxury Travel will take you to where you want to go providing many amenities to make it a relaxing and accommodating experience. Our chauffeur will do everything he or she can to make sure you arrival occurs on schedule because we value our clients time and understand that you simply can’t ever arrive late. Our mission is to make our luxury travel service your top pick in the city because we always intend to make your journey a refreshing experience.

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