Looking for Car Service in NYC?

Icon Luxury Travel is a ground transportation company that provides full-service chauffeuring, giving you the opportunity to travel in luxury, with all the amenities you require with the hospitality you demand. We provide our services throughout the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and reaching into parts of Connecticut.

Avoid the hassle of getting from point A to point B by using Icon Luxury Travel to get you where you need to go in style and comfort. You will always arrive on schedule because we offer streamlined logistics that will eliminate any problems along the way. Our luxury travel service will shortly be you #1 choice because we deliver by exceeding your requirements.

• When you need indulgent car service in New York City because you are getting married, how can Icon Luxury Travel be used to your advantage? Here at Icon, we would first recommend with going for a limo or high-end luxury car to make your arrival all the more memorial.  Put those pre-wedding jitters to rest and distract yourself by watching TV, or a DVD movie, listen to music, or enjoy complementary WI-FI while you sip on fine champagne in route to your big day. If you need transportation for a large party, say something like more than 50 guests, hire us to provide the most accommodating coach transportation for your guests. They will have a chauffeur of course, and plenty of on board entertainment to keep everyone occupied and relaxed until the big moment of arrival.

• When you need transportation from NYC one of your favorite Atlantic City casinos, Icon Luxury Travel can transport you and some friends in a luxury suv or truck, providing complete chauffeuring and transportation, while you relax and get ready to party. It doesn’t matter if your trip out of the city is for pleasure or for work, or if you need a single or a multi-day trip because we do both. Our customer service team will work with you to make your mini break or getaway special, while providing you the services and fully equipped niceties you desire.

• When you need to head to the airport, call Icon Luxury Travel. Request a limo or request a luxury vehicle while you leave it to our professionally attired chauffeur that will get you to the airport on time, while handling your luggage with care, and ensuring you a peaceful and pleasurable arrival. Your licensed chauffeur is always kept informed of the fastest and safest routes to get you to La Guardia, JFK, or Newark airport.  We can also get you to any other New Jersey, or Pennsylvania based airport

• Thinking about taking your family on a trip to the amusement parks? Icon goes to Hershey Park, Sesame Place, Dorney Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Lake Compounce, and Splish Splash. Both you and your little ones will be entertained and relaxed, arriving refreshed and ready to explore the parks because we took the major headache out of the equation by providing you the blissful chauffeuring service you demand.  Simply call Icon Luxury Travel at (718) 280-5128 to plan your next outing with us.

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